Redspark is a market strategy company. From market research, to strategic planning, to facilitation, we help ignite knowledge, growth and direction in our client’s business. Entrepreneurs, business owners and investors turn to us to get insight into the market they operate within, to create strategies for their company and to provide facilitation for sprints, problem solving and teams.




A good entrepreneur knows taking risks is necessary. A great entrepreneur minimizes them. We help businesses mitigate risk through market research. As business owners stay hyper-focused on their own companies, they may miss changes in industry, competitor, and consumer behavior. Redspark conducts market research, compiling and analyzing a breadth of data from multiple sources to give entrepreneurs context into the landscape around them.


Redspark partners with businesses to translate research into market strategies. We help our clients define long-term goals and use tangible insights to chart a path forward, developing both overarching strategies and tactical activities. We then work to earn alignment and commitment within a team as they set off to actualize those goals together.


Redspark facilitates conversations and processes that empower team alignment and business growth. From problem-solving workshops to large interdisciplinary forums, our sessions invoke new ways of thinking about your biggest challenges. The Redspark team manages all aspects of facilitation so our clients can be fully engaged in the sessions themselves.


—  Mike Shane, Investor, Next Ventures

I was working on a project to consider launching a product in the youth sports market and before investing significant dollars, wanted an independent assessment on the addressable market, competitive landscape, go to market strategies and price positioning. After Candace conducted her assessment and shared the data with my co-investors and myself, we made the determination to shelve the project due to market size and profit potential being significantly less than our expectations.  Anybody that might be looking to conduct strategic marketing assessments for product development, investment and a wide range of other go-to market decision support would benefit from working with Redspark!



Send us a note with a description of your company and needs, and we can set up an exploratory call to determine if there’s a fit.